Antimony Triacetate

Sreema Trading High-Performance, High-Quality, Performance Catalyst for PET Synthesis.
Minimum 4.8% solubility in monoethylene glycol (MEG) at 20°C; increases to 12.5% minimum at 60°C.
Improves polycondensation time, especially in continuous processes.
Lower antimony usage than traditional antimony oxide.
Consistent, high purity catalyst.
Rapid incorporation into the monomer/ polymer chain.

Benefits Summary

  • is a low trace metal, pure catalyst used in the manufacture of PET.
  • has excellent solubility in ethylene glycol, forming a solution that remains stable for an extended period of time in the absence of air.
  • has catalyst solution consistency due the formation of a single species.
  • is incorporated rapidly into the monomer/polymer chain, which allows catalyst make-up time to be shorter and process to operate at lower temperatures.
  • minimal losses of antimony to the ethylene glycol recycle.

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